My work

As Executive News Editor at the Statesman, I had the most fun in the newsroom.

I attended (and sometimes ran) news meetings throughout the day to help decide Page 1 story selection, play and presentation.

The news developments of the day, photo availability and deadlines are just part of the decision-making process. Putting the readers first and designing a news package with an Austin perspective was always the goal. But there is no fool-proof formula for putting together a newspaper. One of my skills is knowing when to be decisive. I understand the value of making a decision and moving forward. And forward movement is essential when your team is working under tight deadlines and pressure.

The drop-down menus show a few examples of the breadth of my work: seat-of-the pants breaking news, long-term planning and managing people and projects.

Below are some examples of  how my team told the stories of some memorable news events.

Devoe guilty in 20 minutes and ACL comes to town.

Balancing huge Samsung announcement with torrential rain and flooding.

My story idea resulted in this story about tubers getting caught littering in the San Marcos River.

The debates came to Austin and we pushed every deadline to get late coverage in.