Throughout my career, I have been known as the go-to person for projects and planning.

I excel at breaking a task like election planning or a special section into its parts, establishing  internal deadlines and assigning each part to the best staffer for that work.

It’s follow-through that makes a project successful. I keep stakeholders informed and keep work on track with regular communications. Meeting deadline and maintaining quality standards are always top priorities.

Here is a LinkedIn quote from former supervisor Debbie Hiott, now editor of the Austin American-Statesman:

“Sandra was the rare example of a detail-oriented manager who could also look at the big picture and think strategically about the efficiency of the operation, which was especially crucial as we were asking her department to do more work with fewer people. She is a dedicated problem solver. If you give her a task, she will figure out a way to get it done.”August 22, 2011

1stDebbie HiottManaging Editor, Austin American-Statesman
managed Sandra indirectly at Austin American-Statesman

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