The Pink section

Komen Special Section, October 28, 2010

I was the assigning editor for the first Race for the Cure special section.

As the lead editor, I was in charge of all coverage, assignments, deadlines and production for this inaugural project.

The vision for this section was to report about breast cancer in Central Texas along with news about the Race for the Cure and background on the Komen foundation. It was printed on pink paper and wrapped around the daily Austin American-Statesman.

I organized brainstorming meetings, met with Komen representatives, prepared a story budget, set internal deadlines  and oversaw all assignments. In addition to working with writers and editors, I coordinated with graphics, photo, online, marketing, prepress and pressroom staffs.

Throughout the process, I oversaw  all story and photo editing and I wrote most of the display type. The headlines are crisp and engaging with attention to storytelling.

I handled this four month project in addition to my regular duties as news editor. The section was completed using only existing resources and staff. All deadlines were met and there were no corrections.

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