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Mostly I’ve moved my updates to FB

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been posting my recommendations and updates on my FB page: WriteAustincom. Please Like me if you value the tips.

You can see more about my current doings at

This site has become more of an archive for my journalism career. Thanks for visiting.




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Websites under wraps; 3 good meetups ahead

Welcome! I am happy to report that I have been getting paid for doing challenging and enjoyable work. Editing, writing, organizing and meeting interesting people! I’ll let you know when the website goes live.

Web building adventures

Been working on MY new website lately and almost ready to launch. Stay tuned for that big announcement.
After using WordPress for this site, I decided to try some other programs for non-html site building. Nothing wrong with WordPress, but there are restrictions on e-commerce and I’d like to have a platform that allows growth in that area.
I’m no expert, but I want to have the skills to change and adapt anything I launch
First I tried It’s free and easy enough, but not as intuitive as I would have liked. I built a spec site for a business a friend might start. Sorry I can’t show it to you, but I can’t spill the beans.
Next I tried an offer that was too good to resist. offers a free domain, free hosting  for a year, an Intuit website and plenty of templates. Add more than three pages or additional domains and you will have to pay a few bucks a month, but so far this has been a good deal. I’m using it for my biz site and helping a friend get hers set up, too.
Karl is helping me with my metadata and indexing for SEO, too. I am learning Google Analytics and I love it. (Is anyone surprised?)

More to do:

Meanwhile, here are some events I recommend. Not sure I will make all of them, but they all sound good.
Content Marketing Group — Friday June 22.– Can Paid Advertising Work for Small Businesses? Getting Started with PPC & SEM. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I have enjoyed learning more about marketing and its juncture with journalism. (PPC is pay per click, but I dont know what SEM is.)
Online News Association— Monday June 25 — Secrets to Online Writing with  Tolly Moseley and Omar Gallaga. Can’t believe they aren’t charging admission! Should be great.
Professional Writers of Austin — Wednesday June 27 — This is an interesting and diverse group of writers that I have enjoyed getting to know. No agenda, just networking.
Maybe I’ll see you at one of these meetups.

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I learned a thing or two

One of the most encouraging things that I’ve learned during my transition from journalist to business owner is that content is king in the non-newspaper world, too.

Sure, social media, apps and analytics get a lot of attention, but the smart people always remind you: If your content isn’t good, you are wasting your time.

That’s a heartwarming message for someone who values accuracy, credibility and clarity (not to mention spelling and grammar).

This week was a busy one, but somehow I managed to make it to three professional events.

Here are some tidbits I’ll share.

How does this fit in an iPhone?

  • At Get Down to Business at the Pickle Center, one speaker’s content stood out. Ruben Cantu of Core Media not only reminded us that video is today’s Web gold, but he gave us practical tips for affordable equipment and basic strategies. I’ll share the slide show when I get a copy. Also, I learned that I can get the iMovie app for $4.99 and should be able to edit video on my phone. I haven’t tried yet.
  • One evening I met some fellow writers and editors at the Professional Writers of Austin Roundtable. PWA is cohost of a Deadliners panel discussion on Thursday, May 31. They’ll be talking about risks of wildfire coverage and it looks like Jay Janner if one of the panelists.
  • Finally, I sat in on the monthly Content Marketing Meetup where Nando Caban-Mendez broke the blogging process into around 27 parts. Now, you know I love a system, but today I am only using two of them. Nando is creating a Do-It-Yourself Internet Marketing Club. It hasn’t launched yet, but here is the website. I’m looking forward to taking a look.

If you get a chance to hear Ruben or Nando speak, you should take advantage of their generosity.

Random event:

The next Women in Communication webinar is June 5 at noon with speaker Anne Witkavitch presenting “Repurposing Written Material for Social Media Content.” Registration links for this webinar will be available on the AWC website June 1.


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